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Trampoline park trip

Trampoline park trip

Dear Parents,

On Thursday, January 28th we are going for a trip to a trampoline park Hangar 646.

The kids will participate in a special PE lesson with elements of acrobatics. They will jump on the trampolines and dive into soft sponges pool, and all under the supervision of Hangar’s coaches.

Today we will send home a parental permission slip. It is necessary to fill in, otherwise the child will not be able to enter the park. 

We will leave at 9am and come back around 13, so the kids will eat lunch a bit later. There will be no lessons t that time, but the kids not attending the trip will be left under teacher’s supervision at school.

The overall cost is 40zl. It includes the class, a pair of non-slippery socks and the transport. the deadline for payment is Jan, 26th.

hangar 2





Dear Students,

We are starting a Carnival Week!

That means decorations, dressing up and a dance party!

The plan for this week is the following:

Tuesday – Stripes and dots day.

Wear something stripy or dotty or both!

Help us decorating the school with the balloons and serpentines.

How about preparing some carnival masks?

Wednesday – Pyjama day.

Come to school wearing your favorite pyjama (on top of your normal clothes).

Thursday – My country day.

Do you have any traditional outfit? Or maybe a t-shirt with your country’s flag or symbol? If not, just come wearing its colors. Show us where you’re from!

Friday – My favorite character day.

Come dressed up as your favorite book/movie character. I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of superheroes and Elsa’s that day.

Friday last period – a dance party in the main hall!