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Photos and calendars

Photos and calendars

Dear Parents,

Today and tomorrow your children will be given home class photos and calendars. If you decide to purchase the photos/calendars, please make your payment at the small school.

Calendar – 28zl

Class photo – 12zl

For the students that decided to have some additional photos:

Additional photo 15×21 – 13zl

Additional photo 13×18 – 7zl

WP_20160114_15_50_22_Pro WP_20160114_15_50_14_Pro WP_20160114_15_50_04_Pro WP_20160114_15_49_41_Pro 



Dear Parents,

We are changing the clubs offer. This Wednesday the kids will be able to go and try out a club they would like to participate in (apart from Math Club, since unfortunatelly Ms. Kruszyńska will not be at school this Wednesday).

The final decision about which club to take up must be made until next Wednesday (20.01) by writing your child’s name on the clubs list. You can do it either here or on a paper list that will be providaded at school next Monday.

The clubs are as follow:

Art Club – Ms. Lindsay’s club stays the same since a lot of children were interested in it. We will offer you a change most probably in the new semester.

Reading and Writing Club – Mr. Knox has a new proposition for older kids who already know how to write. ‘”We will read stories and talk about it, write about what we learned from the story or write different parts of the story. There will be some creative drawing to go along with it as well where I will read something to the kids and ask them to draw about what I’ve read.”

Math Club – Ms. Agnieszka Kruszyńska will be preparing 2nd and 3rd graders for an international math competition Math Kangaroo. The test can be taken in Polish or English version. Of course, kids who don’t want to participate in the competition but would like to boost their math skills, can also join. The deadline to decide whether a child will participate in the competition is 24.01.

Origami and Paper Craft Club – Ms. Agnieszka Zalewska will take care of your kids lesser motor skills. Folding, cutting, creating wonderful things out of paper.

Small School Choir – if you didn’t know it, Ms. Veronica has a brilliant and vibrant voice and she is ready to start our own choir with all those talented kids we have at school.