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Easter Day fun!

Easter Day fun!

Yesterday was amazing! We didn’t have any lessons, just fun fun fun ūüôā

In the morning, we had some egg-cellent competitions in mixed-aged teams. The winners were the Yellow Team! Each of its members got a chocolate egg as prize. Well done guys!





After lunch, we joined the Big School kids in the Kabaty Forest and had an egg hunt all together. The stroll in the woods has surely sharpened our appetites (for more chocolate eggs of course).



Once back at school, we had some Easter crafts workshops where we made gorgeous and colorful decorations. We were really glad some of the parents could make it and be there with us, to help creating these little pieces of art. Thank you!  




Check out our gallery for more photos!

KG weekly news

KG weekly news

Math – we’re continuing learning about 2D shapes: square, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, trapezium, heart, star

English – this week’s letter was Ll, we also started reading a short story “Look!” but it still has a lot of new words for us, so we will continue learning to read them next week

Science – the weather was so nice for a while, that we decided to leave other “matters” and jump to the chapter about plants ad their needs, which resulted in planting our own beans.

But that’s not all! We started learning how to tie our own shoes! You can help the girls practice with this video:

First Grade Weekly News

First Grade Weekly News

Mathematics: This week we continued with double digit addition and subtraction and then started on multiplication!! We are learning basic skills, and focusing on how multiplication is repeated addition.

Language Arts: This week we finished up Long E and started to Learn about Long O. We played a fun game sorting Short O words and Long O words.

Science: On Thursday we went outside and planted sunflowers!! We wrote down our first observations and we will continue to water them and observe how they grow! Check out the photo album for some more pictures.

First Grade Spring Planting


Math Kangaroo

Math Kangaroo

Yesterday,  students from grades 2 and 3, together with their older schoolmates (grades 4-8) participated in the International Math Kangaroo competition.

They all received symbolic prizes for partaking and we’re very proud of all of them.

The results will be send to school in about 5 weeks time.

Information about winners and prizes will be available in about 2 months time.

There are a few types of prizes on a regional level, including the ones for laureates and those with high scores,