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Sports Day

Sports Day

Tomorrow is Small School Sports Day!!!

June 22, 2016

We will be going to Powsin Park in the Kabaty Forest to participate in a bunch of fun relays and sports competitions! 

We will have a picnic in the park. Those students with catered lunch will be provided with a packed picnic lunch. For those students who bring lunch from home please provide them with a lunch they can easily take to the park with them. 

Also please provide children with hats and sunscreen so we are all protected from the sun.  


Pre-K news

Pre-K news

We have been covering our last concept words for the school year hooray :)!

(close,follow,long,move,noon,short)  we have been reviewing all of our subjects and, practicing for International day which, I was extremely proud of how the kids performed it was simply magnificent.

I would like to ask you to practice reading during the summer holidays or, playing audio books in English with your child any activity that would allow them to have contact with English.

We are still talking about sharing and what it is to be a good friend and, about making other’s feel good I think this will be an ongoing topic:).

Don’t forget to mark your calender’s for the closing ceremony at 10:00 am Thursday  I look forward to seeing all of  you there.

As always have a great week and have an amazing summer:)

First Grade Weekly News

First Grade Weekly News

Language Arts: Last week we continued parts of speech and worked on adjectives. We used them in sentences and even described ourselves.

Math: In Math we worked on reviewing various things from throughout the year: addition, subtraction, time. We also learned about odd and even numbers and the differences between them.

Science: Last week in science we discussed sound. We talked about pitch and vibration and took out some instruments to see which made the highest pitch and lowest pitch sounds.

-Miss Veronica

Kg news

Kg news

We managed to cover all the topics for this year 🙂

English – last week we simply did more reading and language games.
Math – we had some time to revisit addition and subtraction.
Science – we used that extra time to talk about plants a bit more.

Tomorrow is the last day of lessons and we’re planning on spending it playing games and having fun with PreKg 🙂

20160608_134909 (1)

Enjoying great weather last week, playing with sand and water.