Daily Archives: June 6, 2016

Pre-K news

Pre-K news

We have been covering our new concept words  (bottle,can,earth,garbage,paper,recycle)  we have talking about garbage and where should trash go inside of the classroom.

We are  covering seasons and how the weather changes during each season.

In math the kids have been counting and matching numbers.

We are still working with phonological awareness we will continue to blend two and three phoneme words .

The kids have been rehearsing everyday for International day they are really doing an excellent job.

The kids have been enjoying themselves outdoors since the weather is still holding up nice!

As always have a great week:)

Kg news

Kg news

English: We’re reading, reading, reading. The girls are recognizing the letters and putting short words together better and better. I encourage you to play the School Bus Spelling Game at home with them 🙂

Math: We have finished learning about American coins and now we’re getting to know the Polish ones. But that’s not all! I asked the girls to bring in some coins from their countries – they’re all very excited to discover how they look like and compare them with American and Polish ones.

Science: Pushing and pulling, pulling and pushing – we were discovering those basic forces last week. Now it’s time for fun with magnets!

And here’s how we were enjoying our time outside 🙂

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