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Kg news

Kg news

Dear Parents,

This is what was going on in our KG classroom last week 🙂

English: We keep making huge efforts to read and the girls are getting better and better at blending the sounds together. They actually managed to read big chunks of text. If you would like to practice, here’s the link to the story.

Math: We’re done with the unit on money. It has surely strenghtened girls’ skip counting by 10s and addition skills as well, but most importantly, we all had fun playing shopping! Both, online and in the classroom.

Science: Experimenting with magnets was just great. The girls were very enthusiastic to discover their force and learn abour fair testing by trying out which magnet could hold 36 paper clips, scissors of different sizes and, an ultimate test, a box with a metal handle.


Shopping for some books 🙂

pre-k news

pre-k news

We have been covering our new concept words  (between,dark,light,shadow,sidewalk,wall)  we have been talking about shadows and reflections as well as practicing for the upcoming international day show.

In math the kids have been counting numbers and matching shapes.

We are still working with phonological awareness we will continue to blend two and three phoneme words .

We have continued to talk about sharing and what it is to be a good friend and, about making other’s feel good.

Don’t forget to mark your calender’s for the International day event.  International day will take place at the (International Community Centre, 326 PuĹ‚awska) June 18th from 12-2 pm.

As always have a great week:)

First Grade Weekly News

First Grade Weekly News

Language Arts: Last week we worked on parts of speech. We discussed the difference between nouns and verbs and identified both parts of speech in sentences. We also continued to work on punctuation and capitalization.

Mathematics: In math, we began learning about money. We are working with pennies, nickels, and dimes and counting different quantities of coins.

Science: In science we continued our unit on motion and discussed different forces that can be put on an object. For example what happens when you push a swing, or roll something down a hill.

-Miss Veronica