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Second Grade Weekly News

Second Grade Weekly News

Language Arts: In Language arts we continued working on nouns. This time we discussed common and proper nouns and how to identify each one. We played a fun game to practice as well. We also worked on sequence of events using fiction stories from our Journey’s book.

Math: In math we worked on missing addends, counting by twos, and even and odd numbers. We played some addition and subtraction games within 20. This week our strategy was doubles plus one and doubles minus one.

Science: In science we continued our unit on animals. We discussed different life cycles of animals for example frogs, polar bears, and butterflies. We compared and contrasted how the life cycles are similar or different.

1st grade news

1st grade news

English: We have been doing a lot of guided reading from phonics books this week. We also learnt some new “Tricky words” and practiced group 7 sounds.
The girls got their first spellig list to study for next Thursday:

Math: We were working on different subtraction strategies. More advanced girls were doing subtraction and addition by counting on and back on bigger numbers.

Science: We have started a new topic this week: materials. We are learning about items made of metal, glass, wood, plastic etc.


Reading and matching sentences.


Playing math tic tac toe.

October 3rd – 7th

October 3rd – 7th


This week 3rd grade practiced plural nouns ending with s and es. They also read, compared and contrasted 2 texts about bats. They also worked on sequence of events within a story.


In math we continue to practice and memorise times table up to 12s. The kids learnt rhymes and a trick with fingers to multiply by 9. They also solved word problems and played math games.


In science we talked about the stages of an engineering process: first we have to identify the problem, then plan and design a prototype. Then we try it out, modify and redesign. We also talked about inventions versus discoveries and how some inventions were modified through time.