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1st grade news

1st grade news

Dear Parents,

Here is what the girls have been doing this week:

English: They were working on alternative spellings for the sound “ai” – “ay” and “a_e”. Also, they had their first spelling test! The words for next week are:

cap, sack, pet, neck, hat, hen, rest

Math: More subtraction practice and number patterns revision. We are still struggling with it but making progress.

Science: The girls finished the topic on different materials. Next stop – animals!


October 10th-14th

October 10th-14th


In English the students practiced action verbs and linking verbs. They played a game with verbs and nouns. They also learnt to express their opinion in writing.


In math this week we continue to practice and memorise the times table. The students learnt another way to multiply by 9: rounding up to x10 and then subtracting. They also learnt the strategy for multiplying multiples of 10.


In science we summed up and revised the unit about engineering and technology. The students drew their own designs and solved a test.