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October 17th – 21st

October 17th – 21st


Identifying and telling the difference between verb tenses ( past, present, future). We played a game to practice the different tenses. We also worked on finding various causes and effects in the stories that we read.


In math we practiced the breaking down strategy in multiplication. We worked on understanding the word problems and choosing whether they should be solved with addition or multiplication.


In science we started the chapter about plants and animals. We talked about life cycles of plants, birds and insects and about the variety of features between siblings.

Second Grade Weekly News

Second Grade Weekly News

Language Arts: In Language Arts we worked on verbs in the present tense. We also began to discuss past and future tense. We learned about what the moral of a story is and identified morals in a few stories we read.

Math: In Math we worked on solving addition and subtraction word problems and illustrating them. We continued adding three numbers. Also we worked on finding many possibilities of splitting a number into addends. (7=3+4, 7=1+6… etc.)

Science: In science we continued our unit on animals but this time we grouped them by what they eat. We learned all about herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores and the differences between them.