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Second Grade Weekly News

Second Grade Weekly News

Happy Halloween from Grade 2!!!

Language Arts: In Language Arts we worked on verbs in the past, present, and future tense and began to discuss compound sentences. We worked on identifying morals in fiction stories that we read and main idea and details in nonfiction stories that we read.

Math: In math we worked on word problems. Students wrote their own stories to a given problem. They also worked on problems with too much information where they had to eliminate the unimportant information and the opposite problems with not enough information where they had to add necessary info to make it possible to solve.

Science: In science we moved on from grouping animals began our unit on fossils and dinosaurs.

1st grade news

1st grade news

English: We have been practicing words with alternative spelling.

Math: We continued with facts family and tried to do some mental additions.

Science: It has been a really intense week in science! We talked about the needs of different living creatures, this time focusing mainly on plants. Later on, we moved to animals groups, starting off with mammals. The girls went for a walk to check if their body temperature will change if it’s cold outside. Turned out it didn’t. Now they know what it means that mammals are warm blooded.


Science – scavanger hunt for living and non living things.


Math – mental addition and subtractoin. Girls are looking for the cup with a correct result for their equation.