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1st grade news

1st grade news

Dear Parents,
Here is what we were doing for the last two weeks in class:

English: Wotking mainly on tricky words but also revising the sounds we have been learning so far, and mastering our reading skills. The girls are making great progress! To help them remember all the sounds, you can play the following Jolly Phonics Video at home. We only skipped the sounds and since they do not appear in the presented way in American English. Spelling words for next week: he, she, me, we, be, so, go, to, do, you

Math: Working hard on word problems. Learning to cooperate in pairs to solve them and practicing counting on and back.

Science: We are already done with mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Only fish and insects left. We also learnt about some birds that stay in Poland for winter and made beautiful feeders to help them survive these cold months.





4th grade news

4th grade news


This week we finished our study of plants and their reproduction. We did a review and finished with a quiz this week.


We had our weekly spelling pretest and test this week. We will not have spelling next week because we do not have school Thursday and Friday. We worked on developing our descriptive writing by practicing creating and describing monsters. We brainstormed synonyms for the monsters and all described them using our senses.


We started learning algebraic notation and properties. Using identity property & commutative property to simplify expressions and to find the value of unknown terms. They were also learning the definition of algebra, constants, variables, terms, expressions and equations. By the end of the week they were learning parentheses in equations, substituting a value to evaluate an expression or equation, using = and ≠ signs and also writing equations to solve word problems.

Kindergarten Weekly News

Kindergarten Weekly News

Hello, parents here’s what we’ve been learning.

English: In English, we have reviewed sounds y,x,ch,sh,th
Math: In Math, we have been covering math stories addition and subtraction
Science: In Science, we have been discussing different kinds of weather names.
Social studies: In Social studies, we were talking about Thanksgiving tradition.

as always please feel free to contact me directly at school if there are any questions or concerns.

Have a great week.



Hanging out with 1st Grade:)






Second Grade Weekly News

Second Grade Weekly News

Language Arts: In Language arts we reviewed verb tenses (past, present, future) We also discussed cause and effect within the stories that we read, and compared different stories together based on genre, characters, setting, plot, etc.

Math: We continued solving addition and subtraction problems. This week we worked on more complex stories, where you have to take two steps to answer the question. The students also tried to ask their own questions to a given picture.

Science: In science we began our unit on plants. We discussed plant needs, plant parts, and the plant life cycle.