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Third grade weekly news

Third grade weekly news


In English we began to discuss complex sentences. We discussed independent clauses, dependent clauses and subordinating conjunctions. We read Bottlenose, a fiction story and discussed story elements such as characters, setting, and plot.


In math we solved wome complex word problems and then the students were introduced to the way of dividing big numbers by a one-digit number. Then they learnt to divide with remainders.


In science we started the topic of natural resources and the difference between renewable and non-renawable resources. The students learnt also how fossil-fuels were created.

Second Grade Weekly News

Second Grade Weekly News

Language Arts: In Language arts we continued to work on contractions. We also began to discuss adverbs and the difference between adverbs which describe verbs and adjectives which describe nouns. Also we read a fiction story “I am Nessie” and discussed various story elements such as characters, setting, problem and solution.

Math: In math we revised shapes: triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon and hexagon. We compared length of objects. Then the students were introduced to multiplication as repeated addition.

Science: In science we continued our unit on weather. We did an experiment to mimic rain clouds using shaving cream as our cloud and blue colored water as our rain. We also reviewed various types of clouds and made a cloud flip book craft using cotton to represent the various shapes and sizes.

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