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4th grade news

4th grade news


This week we had a spelling test. We also worked on how to write an essay and looked at the similarities between the parts of a paragraph and the parts of an essay. We began brainstorming topics and arguments for a persuasive essay.



This week each student gave their presentation about their endangered species.


On Thursday we spent the day at the National Stadium.


Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News

English: In English, we have reviewed tricky words ( live and give ).  We have been continuing revising all Tall letters.
Math: In Math, we have continued with numbers 1-10.  We have been practicing ten in teen numbers and continuing with math stories addition and subtraction.
Science: In Science, We have been discussing rocks and observing them by their size and shapes.
Social studies: In Social studies, we have been continuing with lessons about family and how they provide love for each other.

as always please feel free to contact me directly at school if there are any questions or concerns.

Have a great week.