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BOOK WEEK: March 5-9th

BOOK WEEK: March 5-9th

Dear parents,

Next week the small school will be celebrating “Book week”.  Each day we will have a different way to celebrate books and our love for reading. There will be a week long reading competition. Students will receive a reading log where they must record how much they read at home. They must return the logs on Friday and one student from each grade who reads the most will receive a prize on Friday!

Monday:  Dress up as your favorite character from a book.

Tuesday: Bring your favorite book to school!

Wednesday:  Usborne book fair.  Usborne books will be available for purchase at the small school from 8:15 to 5:00. We welcome all parents to come and have a look at the great English books Usborne has to offer. During the school day, each class will have an opportunity to attend the book fair during the day so you may provide your children with money.

Thursday: Make your own book mark!

Friday:  Announcement of reading competition winners for each grade!

Best Regards,

IAS Small School Staff


Kg news

Kg news
In language arts the kindergarten children learned the sound F. We practised making short words with the sounds learned so far.
In mathematics, we learned to add numbers that make 9. We summed up our solar system/space topic, and we had fun making letters and numbers using playdough.
We read the story of Pinocchio and did a sequencing exercise. We discussed the topic of lying.
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Special guest: Mr Krasner – Head of Faculty form the Big School.


pre-K weekly news

pre-K weekly news

English: In English, we reviewed sound a from Jolly Phonics and reviewed our new concept words ( cold, fall, spring, summer, warm, winter)

Science: In Science, We have reviewed organisms and their environments.

Social studies: In Social Studies, we have reviewed directions and positions.

Math: In math, we have reviewed continuing patterns.

Due to numerous teachers being ill because of the flu we were short staffed so it interrupted our daily schedule which caused us to review this week.

As always have a great week.

4th grade

4th grade


This week we had a spelling and vocab test.  We continued learning about possessive nouns. We read an informational text about Antarctica and the scientists who are living and studying there.


We had a very fun week in fourth grade this week! On Wednesday we went to the National Stadium for tubing and ice skating. Also, on Friday we had our pizza party that students earned for their good behavior. IMG_2193

3rd grade

3rd grade


In math we learnt more how to count what time will it be after certain hours and minutes or what time was it a given time ago. We also revised subtraction with regrouping and solved word problems.


In Science we began our lesson on soil and learning about the various different layers of soil and what is special about each layer.

Language Arts

In Language arts we compared and contrasted locusts and monarch butterflies after reading an informational text about them and their migrating patterns. We also discussed superlative and comparative adjectives.


Please check out the photos from our ice skating trip on Wednesday! We had a great time!

IMG_2225 IMG_2227