2nd grade news

2nd grade news

English: In English, we talked about verbs in present, past and future.
For now, as present, we mean only present simple verbs; as past, only regular forms of past tense + dropping the “y” (e.g. spy – spied, try – tried, cry – cried); as future we understand the will+verb form.
Also, the kids put their minds together to create a summary of our Book Week.
New spelling words: bath, math, sloth, breath, mouth, cloth, months, hour, minute, year

Math: Tic toc tic toc, it’s telling time o’clock! Analog clocks, digital clocks, telling time to 5 minutes and differentiating between A.M. and P.M. We worked really hard this week.
Homework from the textbook – pp. 229, 230

Science: The class finished revising last topic and we moves smoothly to the new one – weather. We practiced reading comprehension trying to answer questions about weather and clouds and watchen an episode of Magic School Bus about the weather.

On Thursday, we had some special guests from Irish dances school.

dance (800x421)

Last week, children could bring their own instruments (the rest got some school instruments to play on) and they gave a little concert in the main hall.
20180315_120012 (600x800)

We made a compass in our social studies class.

20180315_090604 (800x600)

And here’s a spontaneous photo session of grade 2.

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