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Grade 4 Weekly news

Grade 4 Weekly news

Language Arts

This week we started preparing for Halloween. We wrote about our Halloween plans in our Journals.


This week we started learning about Engineers and their work. We discussed why we, as a society, need Engineers and what are the steps in their Design Process.


This week we learned to use rounding to estimate and check our answers.

Kindergarten week 8

Kindergarten week 8

The kindergarten children have been working on a piñata project (to be ready for Halloween). They made spider finger paintings and masks in arts. They started learning the songs “Spooky spooky” and “Insey Winsey spider”. We talked about where we live (apartment or house). In maths we started learning the names of geometrical shapes. In language arts we learned the sound “n”. We learned to spell the word nap and tap. We read the story The princess and the frog.

Pre-K Weekly News

Pre-K Weekly News

English: In English, we have been working with the sound c, and learning new concept words (guest, music, party, picnic, playground, trip).

Science: In Science, We have been talking about hygiene.

Social studies: In Social Studies, we have continued lessons talking about how families are the same.

Math: In math, we have continued with counting up to ten, and making up to 4 and subtracting 4.

As always have a great week.

Grade 3 – Oct 22-26

Grade 3 – Oct 22-26

Dear parents and children,

Another week, more good news! Grade 3 have (unofficially yet) won the Cleanest Classroom contest! Yoo hoo!! As a reward, the students will have to continue keeping their classroom clean 😊 and will get to play games provided by Mr. Norbert.
We have also decorated our door with funny monsters for another Halloween contest – I do not know if we stand a chance at winning since all the doors are very cute and scary 😃

In cooperation with the Grade 3 Art teachers we have also prepared scary but also funny characters – my students have written funny lines for skeletons, witches, spiders and black cats and all the children in our school (grades 1-4) will get to vote for the funniest comics. On Wednesday we’ll count and tally the response and decide on the winning most popular project. All my students loved the idea and  put a lot of work and creativity into this assignment.

We’re fast approaching our second Unit Math test – we are being challenged a little bit by some two step word problems but I am very happy with everyone’s progress and hard work!

In Language Arts we’re focusing on writing complete, longer sentences, using capital letters when needed and we’ve even written our work during ICT – we’re learning how to edit text and practicing typing. We are discussing biographies, non-fiction stories and are spelling words with short vowel sounds.

On Wednesday, we will magically transform a big Pumpkin into a Jack-o-lantern in the morning, but my students will have PE before the party which will be starting at around noon.

Have a great weekend and see you soon at our parents-teachers conferences 😊