Daily Archives: October 15, 2018

Kindergarten children have been learning the sound “i”. They also started blending sounds (s-a-t and s-i-t). In maths they are making good progress at doing sums to 5, using blocks. The topic for science is autumn, and we looked into autumn fruit, autumn leaves, and blending colours etc. In social studies we developed topics like mum and dad’s work and dangers around us. We are also learning to play games like dominos, memory, and other matching games in small groups.

Grade 4 Weekly news

Grade 4 Weekly news

Language Arts

This week we read an informational text about managing money. We also learned about sentence fragments and practiced fixing them to make complete sentences. We learned about what a tall tale is and began reading one called, “The Legend of Pecos Bill,” which we will finish next week. Finally, we had a spelling pretest for the spelling and vocab test which will be next Friday.


This week we learned about different types of models and how can scientists use them. At the end of the week we prepared a model of the Solar System.