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Grade 3 Week Oct 15-19

Grade 3 Week Oct 15-19

Hi there!

Another week has passed 🙂 On Monday we celebrated Teachers’ Day with an assembly (songs, poems prepare by our students) and with a lot of chocolate!

We had another assembly on Friday to talk about Copernicus and his discoveries that removed Earth from the centre of the Universe and declaring the Sun the star around which all planets in our Solar System wander. Grade 1 students delighted us with a little show demonstrating just that! We encourage all students to be knowledgeable (Learners’ profile) just as Copernicus was in his time! It was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the planets, stars, Earth and the Moon in Science.

In Math we have learned about tables (of multiplication) and all the students understood how to complete the factors and products missing in them. Dealing with word problems, my students had to choose the type of problem in order to find the right answer and also enjoyed writing their own problems!

In Social Studies we’ve had our first Unit Test and moved on to Unit 2 – Our Environment – we’ll briefly come back to it when we’ll celebrate Earth Day in April!

In Language Arts we learned about common and proper nouns and how to write short stories. Their first assignment – writing a quick description of their morning 🙂

Next week we start getting ready for Halloween by decorating our classrooms and having a lot of fun!

Grade 4 Weekly News

Grade 4 Weekly News


This week we finished reading “The Legend of Pecos Bill” and continued learning about tall tales. We also read a folktale,  “The Empty Pot,” which comes from China and teaches readers that being honest helps you gain more than cheating. We also learned about proper and common nouns. Finally, we had a spelling and vocabulary test on Friday. 


This week we had a quiz finishing our work with Unit 2 and we began learning to add whole numbers with more than four digits.


This week, due to our field trip to Chopin Point and having guests from Germany visit our school, we only had one Science lesson and on it we revised our knowledge from Unit 1.

Other 🙂

This week on Monday, we went on a field trip to Chopin Point to learn about Frédéric Chopin and meet students from Germany. We listened to them play music composed by Chopin and in return we welcomed them to our school on Wednesday. Pictures from both events will be available in the Photo Gallery 🙂

Pre-K Weekly News

Pre-K Weekly News

English: In English, we have been working with the sound n, and learning new concept words (chore, clean, cook, inside, outside, work).

Science: In Science, We have continued lessons talking about good nutrition and exercises.

Social studies: In Social Studies, we have continued lessons talking about how families are the same.

Math: In math, we have been counting up to ten, and making up to 4 and subtracting 4.

As always have a great week.