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Last week of the first semester :)

Last week of the first semester :)

Dear all,

This week was as always, a happy, fully of fun activities!!

In Math we’re still grouping and ungrouping when adding or subtracting three-digit numbers.

In Language Arts we are almost done with the first volume of our text book and all the students write book reports or short stories. The plan for next semester is to start a pen pal programme in order to exchange letters with other students from around the world!

In Projects we talked about healthy eating – this time – various types of breads/buns/baked goods! My students have declared it to have been better than our fruit salad day!! <3

In Science we started a new chapter on life cycles of plants and animals and we have composted left over coffee grinds and green tea leaves and deposited them under the bushes in our school yard. We’ve also taken the opportunity to talk about the composition of the soil and recap information learned in Science this semester!!!

Have a great two-week winter break!!! Rest a lot, sleep a lot and encourage your children to READ!!

Kind regards,

Simona Arriens 🙂

Grade 4 Weekly News

Grade 4 Weekly News

Language Arts

This week we continued to practice writing persuasive essays and we read a nonfiction story called Race to the South Pole. On Friday, we wrote about our plans for the Winter Break in the journals.


This week we continued learning about prime numbers and practiced factoring numbers.


This week we learned about Natural Resources. We learned to differentiate between Renewable and Nonrenewable resources and we tried to think of ways how to better manage our resources in order to save Earth. On Friday, we finished our experiment.

Kindergarten week 15

Kindergarten week 15

The kindergarten children enjoyed learning about dinosaurs last week. We also did an experiment about fire and air (tea light), and solid/liquid (wax). We learned the sound “g”. We practised reading words from our high frequency word list. We wrote words that start with the sound “g”. We also made a scarf/hat set, with matching patterns. We practised tying shoeslaces. We did some sums to 10.

Pre-K Weekly News

Pre-K Weekly News

English: In English, we have been working with the sound b, and learning concept words (field, row, seeds, soil, tools,tractor).

Science: In Science, We have been reviewing about characteristics of animals.

Social studies: In Social Studies, we have continued with connecting the past present and future events.

Math: In math, we have been reviewing comparing sets of objects.

As always have a great week