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This Week in Pre-kg

This Week in Pre-kg

English: In English, we have been working with sound u, and learning concept words (field, row, seeds, soil, tools, tractor).

Science: In Science, We have been reviewing the basic needs of animals.

Social studies: In Social Studies, we have been reviewing clothing and food as basic needs.

Math: In math, we have been reviewing making up to 5.

As always have a great week

4th grade

4th grade


In science we talked about food chains and food webs: consumers, producers and decomposers. The students have also revised what animals are carnivores, herbivores, omnivores and scavengers.

We have also had 2 special events in the class:

The Secret Santa, where the students brought gifts for one another. It was a lot of joy and fun!

The 2nd special event was a surprise Birthday party the class threw for their homeroom teacher. They practiced a dance routine, prepared a poster, decorations and food. There were cakes baked by the parents, presents (personalized M&M) and lots of cards! Thank you so much! I am very touched and grateful!

Grade 2

Grade 2

In Language Arts this week we learned about common and proper nouns and practiced properly capitalizing in our writing.

In math we learned how to create and read picture graphs. We also practiced using tallies to keep track of data. We used graphs to find information.

In science we continued learning about animals. This week we explored animal adaptations, extinct/ endangered animals, and fossils.