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4th grade news

4th grade news


The 4th graders talked about natural resources: what do we use them for? Which of them are renewable and which are not? How can we preserve resources? How do people change the environment? How can we prevent pollution? Next Monday we will have a test about Energy and ecosystems chapter.

Finally we moved on discuss the water cycle. The students revised such concepts as: condensation, evaporation, precipitation. They also learnt about runoff water and ground waters.

The 4th graders learned about narrative pieces based on imagined experiences. We discussed good hooks to begin a story, as well as appropriate story elements.

3rd Grade News

3rd Grade News

We had another fabulous week in the third grade! In language arts we wrote two persuasive essays. The students took both pieces through the writing process, meeting with a partner to revise and edit. The persuasive essays were complete with an introduction, three body paragraphs, a conclusion, transitions, and more!

We have also been learning a lot about civil rights in preparation for the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month. We reviewed the topics of natural resources and landforms.

The students have also been learning about inferences. We practice looking at picture and making inferences based on what we see. The students have improved and developed greatly in this area!


In math the 3rd graders solved a lot of word problems for subtraction with money calculations and decimals. Then we revised the idea of fractions and compared fractions of shapes.