Grade One News

Grade One News

In Morning Meeting, we have been counting our days of school. As we near closer to our 100th day of school, we are noticing how many tens and how many ones make up each day. We will celebrate our 100th day of school on Wednesday, February 5th. Please look out for more details about this exciting event in next week’s e-mail. 

In Language Arts, we focused on words with ‘ng’ such as ‘king’, ‘swing’, and ‘bring’. We read a story using these words and answered comprehension questions. We practiced reading a poem ‘A Song for a King’ orally. We practiced our sight words by playing ‘Sight Word BANG’. 

In Projects, we wrote stories about a snowman – focusing on our sequence words ‘first’, ’next’, ’then’, and ‘last’. 

In Math, we are working on subtraction within 20. We made and used rekenreks using beads, pipe cleaners, and cardboard. We used the rekenreks to solve addition and subtraction within 20.  In math stations, we are solving subtraction problems using number lines, counters, and rekenreks. We are solving word problems using picture clues. 

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