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Kindergarten Weekly news

Kindergarten Weekly news

We have officially started the second semester of the school year 2019/2020! We were all very excited to be back in school with our batteries fully recharged over the break!

This week we focused on smoothly transitioning into our school ready selves. We reminded ourselves of our routines and expectations for different classes.

During lesson time we mostly concentrated on English as we have started our Reading & Writing unit. We kicked it off by preparing our Journals and writing the first entries.

In Science, we dedicated our lessons to learning about the importance of hygiene. We talked about why we wash our hands, how to wash them properly, and when it’s necessary to do it. To see the significance of clean hands with our own eyes we carried out an experiment. We left one slice of bread untouched, we touched one with unwashed hands, one with hands washed with antibacterial gel, and one with clean hands.

The first effects are displayed below, we will observe the test samples over the next few weeks to look for various processes that can happen.

Grade 1 News

Grade 1 News

I hope everyone had a nice Winter Break! Before Winter Break, we celebrated the 100th day of school! We created a unifix cube wand that is 100 cubes long and broke into groups. We added all of the groups together to find different ways to make 100. We explored the quantity of 100 by thinking about what 100 looks like in different situations: 100 acts of kindness, 100 spiders, 100 words, 100 pieces of trail mix…

This week in Math, we explored missing addends such as 7 + ____ = 12. We discussed the commutative property, or turn-around-facts, such as “5+3=8, so 3+5=8”. We made fact families and found decided if number sentences were true or false.

In Language Arts, we focused on CVCe words with long /i/ (time, drive, bite…) We read nonfictions books about animals in connection to our Science unit about Animals.

In Science, we thought about how animals can be classified into groups of vertebrates or invertebrates. We learned about groups of animals such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and insects. We even considered how many different kinds of animals there are on Earth. There are over one million different kinds of animals! Next week, each student will be researching and writing about an animal of choice.

This Week in Pre-KG

This Week in Pre-KG

English: In, we have been working with sound z, and learning concept words (cloud, day, moon, night, sky, star).

Science: In Science, We have been talking about changes in the sky.

Social studies: In Social Studies, we have been talking about roles and responsibilities.

Math: In math, we have been reviewing making up to 6,7 by using blocks to add up numbers.

As always have a great week

3rd grade news

3rd grade news

This week 3rd grade worked on geometry. They learnt to recognize different types of angles: acute, obtuse and right. They learnt what parallel and perpendicular lines are. They have also recognized different polygons and their properties: triangles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms, pentagons, hexagons etc. Finally they learnt to draw lines of symmetry.

In language arts this week, we completed our word inquiry unit. The students practiced using conjunctions in sentences. We also used comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs and practiced identifying them and creating them from root words. The students also learned about homophones (i.e. there, their, and they’re) and when to use which one. We began our literature unit, as well, by starting our read aloud: Charlotte’s Webb. The students will be analyzing the story and its characters.

In science, we began our unit on water, and learned the steps of the water cycle. We will do experiments involving weather and water in the weeks to come. In social studies, we completed our unit on Black History Month by learning about President Barack Obama.

In art this week, the students created art using food! They made some interesting and beautiful creations, which can be viewed below!

**Next week, each student will need to bring in a jar (not glass, please) for our upcoming social studies unit. Thank you!

4th grade news

4th grade news


4th graders talked about the outer space this week, They learnt about the planets of the Solar System: the outer and the inner planets, the dwarf planets, the stars. What are the planets and stars made of? They discussed what makes life possible on Earth. They could see the real scale of objects in the universe. On Monday March 2nd they will have a test.

They also made models of Arctica or Antarctica:

This week, in fourth grade language arts, we started our novel study. We began reading Number the Stars, which we will discuss over the next few weeks. The students reviewed the meaning of historical fiction, and we began creating summaries about each chapter. We also began a character analysis, describing characters both internally and externally, as well as identifying whether characters are flat or round.