3rd grade news

3rd grade news

This week 3rd grade worked on geometry. They learnt to recognize different types of angles: acute, obtuse and right. They learnt what parallel and perpendicular lines are. They have also recognized different polygons and their properties: triangles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms, pentagons, hexagons etc. Finally they learnt to draw lines of symmetry.

In language arts this week, we completed our word inquiry unit. The students practiced using conjunctions in sentences. We also used comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs and practiced identifying them and creating them from root words. The students also learned about homophones (i.e. there, their, and they’re) and when to use which one. We began our literature unit, as well, by starting our read aloud: Charlotte’s Webb. The students will be analyzing the story and its characters.

In science, we began our unit on water, and learned the steps of the water cycle. We will do experiments involving weather and water in the weeks to come. In social studies, we completed our unit on Black History Month by learning about President Barack Obama.

In art this week, the students created art using food! They made some interesting and beautiful creations, which can be viewed below!

**Next week, each student will need to bring in a jar (not glass, please) for our upcoming social studies unit. Thank you!

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