Kindergarten Weekly news

Kindergarten Weekly news

We have officially started the second semester of the school year 2019/2020! We were all very excited to be back in school with our batteries fully recharged over the break!

This week we focused on smoothly transitioning into our school ready selves. We reminded ourselves of our routines and expectations for different classes.

During lesson time we mostly concentrated on English as we have started our Reading & Writing unit. We kicked it off by preparing our Journals and writing the first entries.

In Science, we dedicated our lessons to learning about the importance of hygiene. We talked about why we wash our hands, how to wash them properly, and when it’s necessary to do it. To see the significance of clean hands with our own eyes we carried out an experiment. We left one slice of bread untouched, we touched one with unwashed hands, one with hands washed with antibacterial gel, and one with clean hands.

The first effects are displayed below, we will observe the test samples over the next few weeks to look for various processes that can happen.

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