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3rd grade news

3rd grade news

The past week the 3rd graders revised their understanding of fractions and decimals. Learnt to simplify fractions and find decimals on a number line.

In language arts class, the students created narrative pieces based on imagined experiences. We discussed the elements of a good story, what makes for a creative hook, and how to include good author’s voice. We also learned how to put quotation marks into our pieces.

In social studies, we learned about Benjamin Franklin, who is one of America’s founding fathers. The students studied his contributions to society (there are many!) and typed paragraphs about him in ICT class. They reviewed how to copy and paste photos into documents.

In science class, we learned about the layers of soil. The students created desserts that modeled the layers of soil. We had a great (& delicious) time learning about the five layers of soil!

In projects, we continued being food scientists with a kitchen experiment! We then began forensic scientists, and the students had to solve a crime: Who stole the pizza and ice cream? They used forensic evidence and clues and did a wonderful job!

We enjoyed a wonderful celebration for Chinese New Year! A big thank you to Miss Melissa and her students for visiting us and teaching us about the customs and culture. We had an amazing time!

We ended this week with a fantastic field trip to the National Stadium! We enjoyed one hour of ice skating along with the first and second grades. I was so proud of our students when I heard comments such as, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall- it matters how many times you try again!” and “Mistakes mean you are trying and learning!” It is so wonderful to hear that they have fully adopted a growth mindset!

4th grade news

4th grade news


In science the past week we had a test from the weather chapter. Then we started talking about the outer space. The Earth movements: rotation and revolution and how that causes the cycle of day and night.

We had a great day of ice skating at the National Stadium! We also said goodbye to Gul Sheza and Roger who left the school to go back to their countries. We will miss them greatly!

This week, we took a practice test for the reading portion of the ISA exam. We discussed how to fill in the “bubbles” on the exam.