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4th grade news

4th grade news


This week the 4th graders learnt about 3D shapes and made some 3D shapes themselves. Guess what did Andrei make? (Hint: Andrei loves the Rubik cube :D)


In Science we honored the beginning of spring by planting seeds. Then we revised properties of matter before the Monday test. The students have also performed a variety of experiments on density:

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News

This has been a very exciting week for Kindergarten!

After almost two weeks of not seeing each other we were able to start our virtual lessons and work together face to face!

This week in English language arts we have learned three new sounds, /v/ /ng/ and /oo/. We have practiced sounding them out and blending them to read simple words.

We have also learned four new sight words; can, see, to, at. They will help us become better readers as well.

In Maths we have been practicing Counting and Addition.

In Science we have been talking about Water Cycle. The students created their own Water Cycle experiments at home.

Lastly, we have started our History unit in Social studies. The first ancient community we discussed was Ancient China. To solidify our knowledge we have made traditional dragon crafts, similar to ones we did during our Chinese New Year celebrations.