1st Grade News

1st Grade News

We are starting Week 3 of our online distance learning in 1st grade! It has been a journey as we have all learned to navigate new online resources, new platforms, and new ways of learning. Grade 1 has settled into a rhythm on the Seesaw platform. On Seesaw we can upload photos, videos, record our voices, and use its vast library of interactive activities.

In Language Arts, we learned about author and illustrator Dr. Seuss. The students listened and responded to Dr. Seuss read alouds. They read a biography about Dr. Seuss, to learn more about his work. We played with rhyming words and alliteration, reading and recording poems to practice our fluency. We also practiced using question words to write questions we would ask Dr. Seuss if we had ever met him!


We have been keeping a ‘Spring Journal’, adding observations we make in our gardens, yards, parks, and neighborhoods. Whenever we see a new sign of spring, we draw what we see, label it, and write about. It’s exciting to see our environment change around us! We have also been teaching ourselves to draw different flowers by following tutorials on Youtube.

In Math, we continued to explore place value with tens and ones. We found ways to represent tens and ones with everyday objects at home and took photos. We practiced writings numbers in multiple ways. We wrote numbers using expanded form, such as 26=20+6.

In Science, we inquired into plants. We learned what plants need to grow. We learned the parts of a plant and what their job is. We looked through our kitchens to find food that we eat for each part of the plant! We experimented with leaves to find out if we can see the leaf “breathe”, by releasing oxygen bubbles in water during photosynthesis!

One budding scientist expressed her enthusiasm about observing the bubbles forming on her leaf!

In Social Studies, we are inquiring into work in our community. We explored different jobs in the community and whether they produce goods or services.

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