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Grade 1 News

Grade 1 News

1st grade applied their knowledge of environments. They researched a habitat, then they created the habitat and wrote about how the animals and plants meet their needs in that environment. Today we were able to present our habitats on Teams!

For Earth Day, we celebrated with many activities related to our planet. In this time of quarantine, I think it is important to emphasize the importance of connection with nature, as it plays such an important part of our health!

We listened to a read aloud of The Lorax. We thought about ’cause’ and ‘effect’, considering the effects of cutting down the truffula trees! Students considered the quote, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better…its not” and wrote how they might help The Lorax take care of our Earth.

We began our poetry unit, writing acrostic poems about Earth!

And reciting our poem of the day, “Earth Day” by Jane Yolen:

Listen to Amasan recite “Earth Day” by Jane Yolen
Listen to Tito recite “Earth Day” by Jane Yolen

Some looked for signs of Spring on walks around our neighborhoods. Some created art out of treasures found on their walks.

This was certainly a week dedicated to celebrating the beauty of our Earth!

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News

What a week we had in Kindergarten!

This week we spent a lot of time researching and practicing Subtraction with Five little monkeys jumping on the bed! We have many excellent mathematicians in our class who instantly grasped the very difficult concept of subtracting or taking away! Bravo!

In English we have introduced and practiced three new letter sounds: /y/ /x/ and /ch/. Our sight words of the week were: she, he, said, no.

In Social studies we have continued learning about Earth and Environment. This week in honor of Earth day we talked about what actions we can take to better care for our planet. We discussed the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Third Grade News!

Third Grade News!

This week was Spirit Week! See below for some of our coolest looks! Our students are so fun and creative! This week really lifted our spirits!

Crazy Hair Day!

The third graders did an incredible job showing off their craziest hair!

Silly Socks Day!

Our class sure did wear some super silly socks today! Wow!

Go Green Day!

Wear green for Earth Day!

Career Day!

It looks like we have a future horse trainer, manager, pastor/doctor, teacher, and chef in our classroom! 🙂

Fancy Friday!

The third graders dressed to impress this Friday!

The students explored physical and chemical changes this week. We did an experiment: What happens if you cook an egg? We then figured out whether the change was a physical or chemical one and discussed the signs and signals of chemical changes.

For Earth Week, the students created some beautiful origami artwork: flowers! We then discussed: How did the paper change? Is it a physical or chemical change? The third graders are getting go good at telling the difference! (They’re also incredible artists, as you can see!)

For our final experiment this week, we discovered what happens when you leave an apple sitting out for a little while. Why does it happen? Is it a physical change or a chemical change?

We also reviewed solutions and mixtures. We asked ourselves: what is the difference? How can you tell them apart from one another? In class, I demonstrated various mixtures and solutions in our “Kitchen Science with Miss Sarah” series! The third graders then created their own mixtures! They wrote about their creations and discussed what made them mixtures and not solutions. These look like some great (and delicious!) mixtures to me!

This week we celebrated Earth Week! All year we have discussed our Earth: how to best take care of it and how to make it a better place to be. This week, the students created many unique creations in honor of our planet Earth! We learned all about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and then decided to put these terms into practice! First, we made sure our trash was separated into proper groups for recycling!

Then the third graders then turned trash into treasure with our games and toys made from recycled materials! After creating their new game or toy, the students completed how-to texts explaining how it works. How creative and inspiring! 

We also all created “Junkbots” this week! The students had to search through their homes for “junk” and use it to create a robot. Just as with our carnival games, reusing “junk” can be quite fun! It also gives old things a new, fun purpose.

The students ended the week by listening to the book The Lorax and drew their own Truffula Trees! Next week, we will further discuss summarizing using the book as our guide! We have amazing artists in our class 🙂

On Earth Day, the students took extra good care of the plants they have at home! We watered them, observed them, and spoke kindly to our plants! They help us in so many ways and deserve our love, adoration, and respect! We reviewed the concepts of global warming and fossil fuels. We also read about Johnny Appleseed and discussed his love for plants and trees! The third graders wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!

We have also been working hard on our class magazine (along with the fourth graders!) The students have created some amazing work and we can’t wait to show you all very soon! Here is a sneak peek of some of the work you can expect to see in our 3rd and 4th grade magazine!

Some more exciting news! On Friday, we announced our Student of the Month for the third grade!

Congratulations, Viktoria!

Viktoria is a leader and role model in our classroom! She always approaches every assignment with a positive outlook and lots of confidence! She tries hard and doesn’t get discouraged when something is challenging. Viktoria puts a great deal of time, thought, and effort into everything she does. She works very well with others during collaborative activities and is a magnificent leader during group-work. During the group-work we have had during this period of VLE, Viktoria makes sure the group is organized, on-task, and focused. Viktoria has completed every single assignment during this virtual learning experience. She is a responsible, caring, and friendly student. She has definitely earned the honor of Student of the Month!

*I couldn’t decide on just one photo 🙂

Grade 2 News!

Grade 2 News!

Second Graders were very creative this week with their participation in Spirit Week! Check out their great ideas!

Crazy Hair Day!!

Silly Socks Day!

Go Green! Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, students designed creative projects reusing materials from their homes! Everybody did an excellent job!

Career Day!

We have some future doctors, vets, and nurses in grade 2. 🙂

Fancy Friday!!

Students got a bit more dressed up than usual this Friday to celebrate the last day of our Spirit week!

Other News

In science we have been working on our plant unit! Students found examples of each of the plant parts in their kitchens.

In Language Arts, we read various stories surrounding the themes of fire safety, firefighters and their brave role. Part of the extension activity was to write a letter to someone they consider a hero. Here are some of those letters.

Student of the month in Grade 2

This month’s VLE student of the month is Taru Rana! She just arrived at our school just a couple of days before we went into lock down and she has been a wonderful addition to the IAS community! Her active participation during VLE is definitely something to be recognized. She was the winner of our art contest and she puts in great effort to all of her assignments. Congratulations! 🙂