Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News

This week has been very busy for Kindergarten!

In English language arts we have been celebrating Book week. To honor this special time we read our favorite books aloud and wrote reviews for them. Kindergarteners were very observant in their rating of the books taking into consideration all necessary categories; beauty of the illustrations, humor of the story, and integrity of the characters! We also created our own books to conclude Book week and through that activity found our creative voices!

In Maths we have officially started a new unit on Solid or 3D shapes. We learned about cubes, cuboids, cones, pyramids, and cylinders. We discussed how they are similar to and different from flat or 2D shapes. We explored their features; faces, edges, and vertices or corners.

In Science, we have continued learning about matter. This week we focused on physical and chemical changes of matter. We discussed how each of them looks like and how the end product of each of them differs. To put our theoretical knowledge intro practice we built exploding volcanos!

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