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Grade 2 News

Grade 2 News

Second Graders can create art wherever they go! Here are some of their beautiful Nature Mandalas.

Last week we focused on Landforms and Bodies of Water.
Second graders investigated different types of each.

One of these landforms was Mountains. Students demonstrated how plates underneath the earth’s surface form mountains when they are pushed together. They used layers of towels at home to represent the formation of mountains.

Using their knowledge of landforms, students decided which landforms and bodies of water they would like to be at their perfect camping spot and described their camping trip.

Grade 2 News!

Grade 2 News!

Map Projects

This past week, second grade students applied their map skills to create their own town maps! They included a compass rose and a map key with symbols. Using their knowledge of Cardinal Directions they wrote directions on how to find different places on their unique maps.

Poetry Week

This week we celebrated Poetry Month with a week of poetry in Second Grade!

We read and listened to various poems and reflected on what we noticed about them and how the imagery helped us to picture the themes.

The second graders also wrote a different type of poem every day this week! They did a wonderful job.

Acrostic Poems

Shape Poems

Five Senses Poems


Poetry Readings

To celebrate A Poem In Your Pocket Day on April 30th, second graders videotaped themselves reading a poem to share with the IAS community and with their families around the world.

Grade 2 News!

Grade 2 News!

Second Graders were very creative this week with their participation in Spirit Week! Check out their great ideas!

Crazy Hair Day!!

Silly Socks Day!

Go Green! Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, students designed creative projects reusing materials from their homes! Everybody did an excellent job!

Career Day!

We have some future doctors, vets, and nurses in grade 2. 🙂

Fancy Friday!!

Students got a bit more dressed up than usual this Friday to celebrate the last day of our Spirit week!

Other News

In science we have been working on our plant unit! Students found examples of each of the plant parts in their kitchens.

In Language Arts, we read various stories surrounding the themes of fire safety, firefighters and their brave role. Part of the extension activity was to write a letter to someone they consider a hero. Here are some of those letters.

Student of the month in Grade 2

This month’s VLE student of the month is Taru Rana! She just arrived at our school just a couple of days before we went into lock down and she has been a wonderful addition to the IAS community! Her active participation during VLE is definitely something to be recognized. She was the winner of our art contest and she puts in great effort to all of her assignments. Congratulations! 🙂

Grade 2 News

Grade 2 News

Hello everyone!!

Here are some snippets from the past few weeks of Virtual Learning for Grade 2. 😀

Grade 2 Students did a great job recording themselves reading stories on Raz Kids! What a great feature. It has been so nice to hear them reading various texts! 🙂 Have a listen below

One of their writing assignments was to write about their country. Here are some wonderful examples!

Students also did some fun Easter art and science projects!

Grade 2

Grade 2

In Language Arts this week we learned about common and proper nouns and practiced properly capitalizing in our writing.

In math we learned how to create and read picture graphs. We also practiced using tallies to keep track of data. We used graphs to find information.

In science we continued learning about animals. This week we explored animal adaptations, extinct/ endangered animals, and fossils.