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Grade 3- March 4-8, 2019

Grade 3- March 4-8, 2019

Happy Women’s Day!! Let’s celebrate the women in our lives, the women who raised us, the women we are or want to become and the little women we’re raising… or teaching!

Today we celebrated International Women’s Day and I got the best gift ever – my students told me they love love love Geometry <3
We’re learning about intersecting, parallel and perpendicular lines, types of polygons such as rectangles, rhombuses, square and parallelograms! My students need to count sides, measure them, identify features and polygons, cut and glue – in one word, FUN!!!
Next week we’re attacking perimeters and areas!

In LA we learned about a new type of text – humorous text – we read up to page 56 and discussed the characters – great topic and within the theme of today – Cooking for Mom 🙂

In Social Studies we finished chapter 2 – historic events and their order – from early settlers (discovering the Americas – Spaniards, French and British) until the Declaration of Independence and writing of the Constitution. We’ll have a test next week on Monday – I’ve told my students to focus on the order of events and remember a few events and the year they happened. Hopefully they will make timelines, sequences to help them remember the events.

In Science we continue talking about animals and plants – ecosystems and communities and how they interact with their environment and habitat.

This month we’re talking about caring for others – our school has organised collecting sanitary items for people in need. Please help if you can!
Grade 3 wrote a few scrips about caring for people that need help and we’ve been filming them during Projects. Alana and Lili came up with their own script as well and we’ll film their sketch when they are both at school next week <3 We will compile all of them but also we should show you the bloppers as they were quite funny!

Speaking of Alana – she was elected the first Student of the month at the Elementary School!! Congrats, Alana!! Don’t ever change! Everybody loves you!!

Have a great sunny weekend!!

Simona and the third graders <3

2nd grade news

2nd grade news


In math we continue learning to subtract with regrouping. We practice the cases when the minuend has one or two zeros in it.


In science we talked about weather and how it changes with the changing of seasons, we also learnt what tools are used to measure the rainfall, temperature, the direction of wind.