Wall Stories – Grade 3 March 11-15

Wall Stories – Grade 3 March 11-15

Dear parents,

We’re approaching the end of the school year and soon my students will be in Grade 4. The demands and expectations of their various teachers will be higher and more diverse. I would like to slowly ease them into being ready to take tests, being more independent in their work, summarising texts and preparing charts, timelines and definitions at home to help them remember main ideas, details, information, etc.

This week I’ve send home their unit tests (announced, from current chapter) and quizzes (tests from the current lesson – unexpected) taken these past months as I want them to be a little bit more aware of their homework, due assignments, etc and to be prepared and less stressed than they are now when they hear the word test.

On Monday we will have a short quiz to test their knowledge on quadrilaterals and a quizz and a unit test in Science.

Language Arts – we now have a so called Wall Library where we “hang” their stories and I’ve just come up with the concept of framed stories – each week we’ll have two featured stories. I’m quite impressed with the quality of their writing and how much they have improved all their skills. This wall library is a success both with the older students as well as the youngest students in our school – it is a pleasure seeing them stop by, read them and debate their favourite. Also, since bringing forward with this idea, more students have come up with neater hand written, more creative fun stories 🙂

In Science we talked about ways to keep food fresh for a longer time – we connected with Social Studies – needing spices to keep food fresh and salt in the water. I brought my mom’s vegetable paste made in September and preserved until now in jars – apparently it tasted like pizza 🙂 I would like to pickle some vegetables in April since we don’t really need a kitchen for that 🙂 Needless to say it was a success!

That’s it from me! Have a great weekend!

oh a photo from this week’s movie making 🙂 I’ll try to finish and have the final product on Monday!

Kind regard,
Simona Arriens

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