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Kindergarten week 23

Kindergarten week 23

The kindergarten children enjoyed going for a short walk to observe the first signs of spring. We collected seeds, and learned about spring flowers. We planted a bean in a jar in the classroom. We read the story Jack and the beanstalk. We learned the giant’s lines, Fe fi fo fum, I can smell the blood of an Englishman… We had fun using corn flakes to make pairs, and count by 2’s and 5’s in maths. We talked about the water cycle in science. In literacy we learned the sound “oa”. We practised the cardinal points on a basic map. The children really enjoyed the trip to the mini-zoo where we got to cuddle the rabbits, and feed the big Belgian rabbit! The most popular animal was the cute little hedgehog.

Pre-K News

Pre-K News

English: In English, we have been working with the sound t, and learning concept words (cactus, desert, dry, rock, sand, sun).

Science: In Science, We have been reviewing about kinds of weather.

Social studies: In Social Studies, we have been reviewing about recycling and reusing.

Math: In math, we have been making numbers 6,7,8,9.

As always have a great week

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1st grade news


In math the 1st graders continue practicing addition and subtraction and discovering patterns. We played some games such as bowling to practice it in a fun way. We also revised the 3D shapes: cylinder, sphere, cube and cuboid.

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