Grade 4 News

Grade 4 News

These past weeks we had a lot of fun during the in- and out of the classroom activities!

On Wednesday 17/04, we celebrated Easter or the so-called Egg Day. We tried our best at making traditional polish decorated Easter eggs (Pisanki) and participated in an Egg hunt.

On Friday 26/04, we celebrated Earth Day. Together with Grade 3 we prepared an assembly to teach younger students how we can protect our planet and we put our words into action by going to the Kabacki forest and cleaning a nearby clearing.

We also had some normal lessons and received our ACER/ISA Exam results.

In Language Arts we read and wrote some free verse poetry and read some realistic fiction.

In Maths we continued learning about fractions.

In Science we finished learning about Properties of Matter and wrote a Revision of the Unit.

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