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Grade 3 – May 5-10

Grade 3 – May 5-10

Dear parents,

This week we’ve had our monthly cooking adventure and it turned out to be a lesson on failure 🙂 We made devilled eggs and they didn’t look exactly like chicks 🙂 We also took the opportunity to talk about various Easter celebrations in the world. 

This week, Grade 3 have had their best Spelling test results up to now – which reminds me I’d like to organise a Spelling Bee Contest – I used to organise one every year and I usually add a fun twist to it (for example- all the words are divided into : easy, hard, impossible to spell) and they have to pick the group of words (one year I had a spinning wheel) This way there’s a luck variable involved so they don’t feel too bad about losing. The words used will be from our 25+ Spelling tests and it will probably take place in June – only for grade 3

Next week we’ll have a Math and Science test both on Monday – my students insisted 🙂 New unit in Science about Space Science – cycles in nature / moon phases. Third graders love the crosswords, fill in gap exercises etc❤️As you know, we’ve finished the Math book – this week we’ve started learning about division with remainders and even though they understand the concept they need to practice, practice, practice 🙂 we will also cover 2 digit multiplication and long division – I will bring my number blocks so they can experience and better understand how it works. As we start having more worksheets a binder or just a folder would come in handy.

I’m so happy to report that my students have already picked the subjects they would like to teach to their peers. Lili – Social Studies (of course)
Avy – PE (of course) – but she changed her mind in the meantime
Alana – Art (of course)
Prutha – LA (of course)
Yukta and Roger – Projects (of course)
John – Math (of course)
Gul Sheza – Science (of course)
Of course!!! is of course, a quote from them 😊
It was lovely to discover their favourite lessons and to see how enthusiastic they are to be teachers even if only for just one lesson – of course I will help them but if you want, you can help them out as well.

Prutha was the first one to be the Language Arts teacher – she read a story to Kg and pre-kg students and started a new unit with grade 3.

If you have plans to leave Warsaw before June 18th (the last day of school and day when you can see a show prepared by each class )please let us know if you know for sure you will not attend so to not disturb choreography etc.
Have a lovely weekend!
Kind regards,
SImona Arriens