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Trade Day with Grade 3

Trade Day with Grade 3

Dear parents and students,

On Friday we organised the first and hopefully not last “Trade Day”. Each child was asked to choose a country (they got to choose from the long list of all the countries in the world and their capitals that they were supposed to learn by heart). Each country was then asked to bring on Friday something “produced” by themselves such as homemade cookies, juices or some treats they have bought and would sell for some extra money. As services, IAS bank (myself) offered hand massages, henna tattoos for free.

We started the day by writing our budged – how much money we have brought, how much merchandise we have for sale to estimate our potential gain. Then we “imported” and “exported” meaning buying and selling to each other, then the other classes came one by one to buy whatever was left 🙂 All the students enjoyed this very, very much!!! Quote of the day “This is quite fun!!” <3

The United States of America (retailer) – bought 5 chocolate cakes 2zl/5 pieces, sold all of them for 2zl each!
Germany (producer) – made Mango lassi – each cup (reusable) 2zl – made quite a profit
India (kind producer) – salty and sweet snacks (delicious) for only 50 gr. Sold all the salty ones (mostly to Taiwan hehe) and had some leftover sweet ones. I had to convince India to sell them for 50gr instead of 30gr, first of all because they were worth at least 1zl and then because we were short of small coins :/
Kazakhstan (producer) – Made many cookies (not counted at the beginning unfortunately) sold for only 50gr each – could have sold them for MORE!!
Nigeria (retailer) : Bought kinder chocolates for an unknown amount, sold them all BUT – 1 for 1zl, 2 for 1,5zl, 3 for 2zl and nobody bought 4 but I’m sure it was a dumping price 🙂
Taiwan (retailer): Bought and brought salty crackers and sweet unknown candy. He was an excellent seller, pushing, pushing, always pushing for more clients! I was really proud of him! However after being advised to reduce the price, the offer was refused thus Taiwan was left with a few unsold sweet units.

I think each child made quite a profit, practiced calculating change, adding/subtracting money with cents (learned about decimals in the process) and learned how to bargain/sell/ advertise their products and services. It was wonderful!!

This week we’ve started talking about IB PYP student profile – balanced by discussing a balanced diet, learning about moderation vs excess and making healthy decision. They also practiced walking in a straight line by focusing on their objective.

In Language Arts they have a new assignment after reading The Ant and the Grasshopper (page 280) – writing this fable with a twist – Alana and Avy already wrote amazing pieces that will be exposed as always in front of our classroom – waiting for more written work from the others.
The Idiom Drawing Contest is over – Prutha, Avy, Roger and Gul Sheza received certificates for best of same idiom, Alana won the first prize overall!!
It was a great lesson on – “If you don’t even try (submit a drawing), you already lost”

Tomorrow we have Green School – besides the list sent by Ms. Natalia, please encourage your daughters (only girls going!) to bring their favourite book or kindle.

Have a great sunny week!

Ms. Simona Arriens