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Green School Grade 3 and News!

Green School Grade 3 and News!

Dear parents,

We’ve only got three weeks of school left! Time really flies, to quote one of the idioms submitted 🙂
At the end of this week our elementary school is celebrating Children’s Day by organising a fun Sports Day after lunch. I would like to take your children to the book shop this Friday – we would leave early in the morning and get back by noon for lunch. It’s for free if your child has a metro ticket/transportation card  (3,40 zl for one return ticket otherwise). The book shop is not far way from the metro station so it’s very convenient.

Next week we have another school trip organised by Ms. Agnieszka the Polish teacher, to the Royal Baths park. The birthday/going away party will take place on Tuesday. We would like to invite all the parents Tuesday morning (not mandatory of course) to observe the Final of the Spelling Bee contest. Next week we’ll have the “eliminations” – the words are all the words from our 25 Spelling tests we had over this year 🙂 But this is not all – all the parents brave enough will have to answer trivia questions your children prepared for you – based on Grade 3 curriculum 😊 Let’s see how much effort you’ve put into your child studies 😉
If you can’t make it don’t worry we’ll prepare a kahoot version (online) that you can take later on or just practice 😉

On June 13th we will have our rehearsal at the Hotel where the International Show will take place on Tuesday, June 18th. 

Green School – the girls were of course very obedient but they also had a lot of fun – first stop was at the Native American Village for fun games and competitions. While the sausages were being roasted on the bonfire, we’ve learned a lot about their culture – clothes, instruments, weapons, etc but shortly after, a terrible storm/hail storm started so the sausages ended up being a sausage soup 😉 We took cover but still got pretty wet and the way back to the bus was pretty muddy – all the more fun!!
At the hotel – their favourite place in the world – the girls had a suite for all of them so they had a lot of fun playing games, drinking/eating chips and preparing a fashion show for me ❤️
The next day – they woke up at around 6am!!! They were starving by 7am hahaha and were willing to leave at 8!! Breakfast was at 9 – buffet style so everybody got to choose their favourite breakfast delights and we went to a nearby castle where we learned more about knights and a sad legend of a princess/ghost who died because she kept losing her rings – story is more complex than that please ask them for more details 🙂We got back at school tired as dogs but since we arrived a bit early we had time to have a fruit snack and watch a movie. Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun!!!

This is it from me! 

Kind regards,
SImona Arriens