3rd grade weekly news

3rd grade weekly news


In math the 3rd graders continue practicing multiplication and they learn division as a reversed action to multiplication. They learnt about fact families, then found and compared fractions of numbers. They have also learnt about measuring mass in kilograms and grams and volume in liters and mililiters.

This week, we discussed parts of speech, including nouns, verbs, and adjectives. We began learning about Native Americans. The students read about different regions in the USA and the Native Americans who lived in those regions. They filled out graphic organizers, identified main ideas & details, and answered text comprehension questions. We also learned about the residential schools to which many Native American children were forced to attend. The students listened to three stories involving the schools and discussed the importance of culture.

In science, the students began their ecosystem project. They will need to design an ecosystem exhibit for our class museum. Right now, they are preparing for their ecologist certification, which they will obtain through the museum director (me). We are looking forward to continuing our project next week!

We also had pajama day this week- twice! Wow, what a great week!

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