4th grade news

4th grade news


In science this past 2 weeks the students have revised the Motion chapter and wrote a test. Then we started to talk about plants: what is the difference between non-vascular and vascular plants? What are the types and purpose of roots (taproots and fibrous roots), stems and leaves? Difference between trees, shrubs and small green plants. Finally the students learnt about photosynthesis: how it works and why is it important?

We have also discussed healthy food in projects. The students made posters illustrating the healthy eating pyramid and then they made a vegetable salad.

In language arts, we finished our nonfiction text unit! We began our next unit: persuasive writing. The students chose their favorite season and completed an outline for their writing, as well as an introduction. They are prepared to persuade me why their favorite season is the best! We finished the week with some peer editing and revision.

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