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Kindergarten Weekly News

Kindergarten Weekly News

These past two weeks were very exciting for our class!

On Wednesday, October 30th, we went on a trip to the Pumpkin Patch in Powsin. There, we met friendly animals (rabbits, goats, ducks, and alpacas), played in a Hay Maze and on the Playground, and of course picked pumpkins.

On Thursday, October 31st, we celebrated Halloween in school. Many beautiful creatures visited our class, a Witch, a Spiderman, a Cat, and a Flying unicorn princess amongst others. We carved our Big Pumpkin and children decorated their Small Pumpkins. And to finish the day properly we went Trick or Treating to other classrooms.

During our regular lessons we continued working on our normal material.

In Language Arts we learned the following letter/sounds; h, e, c k.

In Maths, we finished working on number formation and learned the first 2d shapes, circle, triangle, square, and rectangle.

In Science, we finished learning about our bodies and started our new unit: Scientific skills. The first scientific skills we will be focusing on is Observation.

Below you can find pictures from our Pumpkin Patch Trip.

This Week in Pre-KG

This Week in Pre-KG

English: In English, we have been working with the sound r, and learning concept words (hospital, police station, library, park, post office, street).

Science: In Science, We have been learning about the basic needs of people.

Social studies: In Social Studies, we have been talking about wants and needs and my community.

Math: In math, we have continued counting numbers 1-10 and learning positons.

As always have a great week

Grade One News

Grade One News

In Language Arts we continued with Sequence of Events, reading Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae. We practiced using pictures in the story to help us recall the order of events. We will continue to practice retelling throughout the month, identifying the important events and putting them in order. Our spelling words focused on CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words with a short /e/ sound. We also looked for words with the long /o/ sound made by ‘oa’, like ‘goat’ and ‘boat’. In Literacy Stations, we sorted real and nonsense words spelled with ‘ai’ and ‘ay’, which make the long /a/ sound, such as ‘pail’ and ‘rain’. We began Guided Reading groups using our Journeys books. Each group will meet with me weekly or biweekly for structured, guided reading.

In Math, we introduced the math tools “cuisinare rods” to build numbers using different length rods. It’s so important that the students develop a strong sense of the decomposition of numbers 1-10, being able to break numbers into parts. This helps build their number flexibility, which will greatly impact their continued mathematical development. We did a Math Mystery number story that required students to add with 3 addends. We practiced writing number sentences to represent our thinking.