Grade One News

Grade One News

This week in Language Arts, our spelling words focused on ‘r blends’, such as ‘crab’ and ’trim’. We practiced a new sound <ie> that sounds like long /i/, as in ‘pie’ and ‘lie’. During Literacy Stations, we built sight words with pattern blocks and stamps, and we built sentences and wrote them. On Friday, we had a Pajama Day to celebrate filling our ‘Caring Container’. We brought books to read and enjoyed read alouds and story time while cuddling with our stuffed animals. 

We began a new class incentive, using a 100 Chart to acknowledge when we are caring and principled!

In Math, we practiced ‘doubles’, such as 4 + 4 and 6 + 6 and represented doubles using dots and ten-frames. We noticed patterns in doubles and marked them on a Hundreds Chart. We marked our 60th day of school and used the opportunity to count unifix cubes by 5s and 10s. Then we made one group of 60 connected cubes and broke it into two groups, modeling making a number sentence to represent how it broke. We also measured ourselves with the 60-long tower and noted if we were “taller than, shorter than, or equal height” 60 cubes. 

In Science, we are learning about engineering and using the design process: 1. Find a problem, 2. Plan and Build, 3. Test and Improve, 4. Redesign, 5. Communicate. Next week we will be engaging with the design process more, using materials to design something that will hold a text book. 

In Social Studies, we have continued to talk about our feelings and sorting feelings into the 4 zones (blue, green, yellow, and red). We are practicing making facial expressions to show our feelings. We learned two strategies for helping calm our bodies when we feel ourselves moving toward the yellow or red zone: breathing up and down your fingers and mindfully noticing your body. 

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