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Grade 1 Poetry

Grade 1 Poetry

We participated in poetry month this April by reading poems each day and writing some of our own! I love teaching poetry. I find it pushes children to think creatively, while practicing appreciation for everyday life around us. Not to mention, it is a wonderful opportunity to gain new vocabulary, improve oral reading fluency, and to have fun with language!

Grade 1 students brainstormed what they already knew about poetry. We used their ideas to kick off our mini poetry unit!

On April 30th, we celebrated “Poem in your Pocket Day” where students chose some of their favorite poems to share. Listen to the Grade 1 students read some of their favorite poems why why they like it!

Tair reads “Mom’s Embrace” by Michele Meleen.
Ala’s art inspired by “Mom’s Embrace”
Joshna reads “The Little Corn Flakes” by Kelly Roper.
Joshna shares why this is her favorite poem.
Amasan reads “April is a Dog’s Dream” by Marilyn Singer.
Ala shares with this is her favorite poem.
Ala’s art inspired by “April is a Dog’s Dream”.
Liliana reads “The Monster”
Liliana shares with this is her favorite poem.
Amasan wrote down her favorite poem!
Tito reads “The Washing Machine” by Patricia Hubbell

We played around with words with virtual magnet poetry! Try it yourself here: http://play.magneticpoetry.com/poem/Nature/kit

We wrote some of our poetry, as well! We explored poetry through the senses of sight, hearing, and taste.

We learned some “poetry magic”, or figurative language! We learned simile, onomatopoeia, alliteration.

We also learned personification and wrote ‘object poems’, making our objects come alive!

Read some of the poems Grade 1 students wrote this week! Try to notice their topic and the figurative language used.

“Rose” by Rudra

Finally, we published some of our poems! Some of us found a way to display our poems in a “PoeTREE”!