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Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News

This week during English language arts in Kindergarten we started reviewing our second last Jolly phonics workbook! We now know almost all of the letters, letter sounds, digraphs, and consonant blends. Hence, reading and writing are becoming easier and easier to us!

The sight words that we learn weekly are also making us better readers and writers! This week we learned another sight words quartet; him, her, will, come.

In maths we have been consistently mastering our Addition and Subtraction skill, and remembering to look out for the plus and the minus.

This week in Science we have been finishing off our Energy unit. We went on a Heat hunt around our houses to see where the temperature is affected by energy.

Lastly, with the beginning of a new month we started a new unit in our Social Studies lessons. In May we will be focusing on Maps and Globes. So this week we learned what are maps and how to read them. To put that knowledge into practice we used a map to find treasures hidden by Pirates.

It’s been a really fun and exciting week for our class!