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Grade 1 News

Grade 1 News

This week we dove deep into science. We inquired into earth’s resources. We asked the questions:

  • What resources can we find on Earth?
  • What are rocks and soil?
  • What can we observe about rocks?
  • How do soils differ?
  • Where can we find water?

We gathered rocks. Some of us started rock collections with rocks we found outside. Some of us revisted rocks we have collected over years. We sorted rocks by their properties: color, size, and shape.

Agata shares a geode from her rock collection.

We looked for rocks used in our everyday lives.

We learned how soil is formed and looked for bits of broken down rock and dead plants in the soil we see outside.

We considered how soil is an important part of our lives. We mapped how soil is connected to the food we eat!

We collected soil samples and observed their properties. We asked “how do soils differ?” Then some of us tried to use soil in a different way. We looked at some art made with soil. Then, we mixed soil, liquid glue, and water and made our own soil painting!

We learned about water as a natural resource. We considered where water comes from and its importance to humans, animals, and plants. We made posters with tips for saving water at home!

Shiel’s water poster

We wrote postcards that show how weather and natural resources affect our lives.

Finally, we used our creativity, imagination, and applied our understanding of rock properties by making pet rocks!

Joshna’s pet rock