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3rd Grade News

3rd Grade News

For Poetry Week last week, the students wrote many different kinds of poems: haiku, diamante, cinquain, limerick, and more! They also took part in a virtual poetry slam! (Video coming soon!)

This week was STEM Career Week! Intermittently, throughout the past year, we have discussed STEM Careers: jobs that use science, technology, engineering, and/or math! Every day this week, our students experimented with a new STEM Career!

On Monday, we were cartoonists! We talked about how cartoonists nowadays need to use technology to create cartoons. We then drew some cartoons of our own using Mad Lib silly stories!

On Tuesday, we were urban planners! The students learned about the job of an urban planner and what they do. We then constructed our own water pipelines using materials we found in our houses!

On Wednesday, we were civil engineers! The third graders learned what makes a bridge so strong! We explored the difference between suspension and truss bridges and the students built some bridges of their own!

On Thursday, we were food scientists! Our students explored food reactions and experimented with making their own ice cream! What fun!

On Friday, we were archaeologists! All week long, we compiled work for a time capsule. We finally created the time capsule itself, and put our work, along with a couple other things inside. We won’t open it anytime soon. Future, here we come!

We also learned about symmetry. The third graders drew, colored, and created their own mandalas!

All week we have been practicing and reviewing our persuasive writing with fun and interesting prompts! Is TikTok good for kids? Would you like to go into space? Who is your superhero? Is playing video games a sport? Our third graders sure did have a lot to say! They are doing a wonderful job persuading others to agree with them on a variety of topics!