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Grade 1 News

Grade 1 News

This week, we continued our exploration of Earth’s Resources. We learned about pollution. We thought about ways we could care for our Earth and what it means to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We considered how Earth Day can be celebrated everyday. We made Earth Day art!

Bushra shares her Earth Day Art
Rudra shares his Earth Day Art

In Language Arts, we read the folktale “How Leopard Got His Spot”. We revisited the skill of identifying the sequence of events in a story, writing summaries using sequence words “First, Next, Then, Last”. The students were introduced to the idea of considering the story through the lens of another character’s point of view and rewrote the sequence of events from another perspective.

We integrated our Science and Language Arts topics this week. The students were given a recycled art challenge. They needed to find another use for a toilet paper roll, reusing it in another form or recycling it into art.

Joshna’s Recycled Art Wall Hanging

Then the students wrote informative letters to the class, telling us how to make what they made. They applied their understanding of letter writing, sequence writing, and conventions! We shared our recycled art and ‘how to’ writing at our Weekly Reflection Meetings on Friday.