Grade 1 News

Grade 1 News

We are busy learning and exploring our world in Grade 1! This week we explored our cultures and folktales! We learned about traditions, customs, and celebrations – considering how we are alike and different. We celebrated our own cultures and the diversity in our class!

We read folktales from around the world, practicing identifying story elements and the sequence of events. Then, we researched folktales from our own country or culture. Each student retold the folktale using storytelling strategies!

In Science, we inquired into objects in our sky. We wondered, “Why does the moon look lit in the nighttime sky?” We made our own constellation projectors out of toilet paper rolls!

We experimented with shadows.

In Math, we learned about graphs. We learned how to make graphs and how to read bar graphs. We created a bar graph about the languages we speak in our class.

Shiel and Ala thanked our medical workers and our scientists for their efforts during this time!

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