Grade 2 News

Grade 2 News

Second graders have been hard at work the past few weeks. We embarked on our Space unit in Science. Students made solar system mobiles and projects.

They also came up with their own constellations.

For Book Week, second graders showed their love of reading in a variety of ways. They read books and created book reviews, wrote letters to characters in stories, and even wrote their mini books.

Student of the Month: Bomik Reddi

This month I have chosen Bomik Reddi as VLE student of the month in second grade. Bomik has been working very hard during the VLE. During our morning video calls he is very enthusiastic and always ready to share an idea or contribute to our discussions. He is motivated to try additional challenges or projects like the ones we had during book week. Well done Bomik! Keep up the great work. 🙂 

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