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Grade 3- End of March

Grade 3- End of March

Dear parents,

As you know all the teachers at IAS had a teachers’ training focused on non-violent communication and mindfulness – we learned a lot of techniques to deal with our and our students’ emotions. As it happens, in Social Studies we are discussing conflicts and how to deal with them and make ourselves heard without disturbing the others and their inner peace.

Alana was congratulated in front of the Assembly and we were all very happy and proud of her!

As you know, we’ve had a live plant or animal in our classroom since the beginning of the school year. Our pet moth has just passed away but not before leaving behind two little larvae. And all under our own eyes – it was pretty incredible to watch the process!
Another addition to our classroom is our new baby avocado grown from a simple avocado seed – from experience it takes about 10 tries to get one to grow <3 hopefully by the end of the year it will have leaves and we’ll be able to plant it in a pot and one of us will be the lucky protector for the summer <3

In Math we’re having a little trouble using information about the Perimeter since it’s the double of two adjacent sides and that’s pretty confusing but the area – not a peep since we talked about when we were practicing multiplication.

In Language Arts we’ve “published” new “self written, printed and illustrated” small books destined to younger audience and many students have enjoyed our new “Hanging Library”. Needless to say all the students had fun! 🙂

This week and the next few weeks we’ll focus on celebrating Earth’s Day by learning about protecting our planet, composting (coffee and tea leaves), planting flowers, making one or two bird feeders – since they are in charge of everything, it might take a while. The want to make one bird feeder made from two used plastic bottles and one made out of wood 🙂 I know – good luck to us all!!

As you know – field trip on Friday – the Illusion Museum – pretty good idea right before April Fool’s Day on Monday – which reminds me – we’re learning about synonyms and antonyms and on Monday we’ll use antonyms of most describing words we’d like to say – for example Math is so hard 🙂 Hopefully it will be fun for everyone! We will do the same at the end of the week but with synonyms so it should be easier 🙂

That’s it from me – this counts for both this and last week!
Have a sunny day!

Simona Arriens